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Have you ever cheated on your book club? It’s okay. You can admit that you’ve skimmed chapters, skipped dialogue or read an online synopsis. Sometimes, book club selections are too long, too boring or too involved. You don’t always have time or desire to thoroughly read every book, and that’s why you need the Ambling audio book player.

Similar to Amazon Audio Books, The Ambling audio player gives you access to all the great Audio Books your book club chooses to discuss. You’ll discover classics that challenge your literary interpretation ability. You’ll read current bestsellers who capture the voice of today’s generation. You’ll explore historical biographies that inspire you to make a difference with your life. With thousands of free audio books to download, use your fingertips to access, play and navigate through your book club’s selection and other audio books every month.

In addition to being prepared for book club, audio books free your time for other things. Listen as you prepare dinner, take a bath or work in the garden. Access MP3 audio books from the car as you drive to work, from the doctor’s waiting room or from the gym as you exercise every morning. You no longer have to choose between reading books and fulfilling your responsibilities. Simply download audio books free of charge, and multitask every day.

Don’t cheat your book club ever again. Instead, listen to Ambling audio books from start to finish while maintaining your busy schedule.

The Ambling Audio Book Player - Read with your ears!

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