Best MP3 Player For Audiobooks

If you have been searching for the best mp3 player for audiobooks, then look no further than the Ambling BookPlayer. With the motto of bringing books to life, the Ambling BookPlayer simplifies and streamlines the process of listening to Mp3 audiobooks. We have designed the player after careful consideration of the other audiobook players on the market. We have taken the strong points of each player and uniquely fine-tuned them to create the best audio book app available.

We have also done away with the cumbersome process of having to sort through audio files and designed a truly smart audiobook player for the next generation.

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Best Player for Audiobooks

The Ambling BookPlayer is considered a smart audiobook player because it eliminates the need to navigate through audio files. In fact, the player takes care of everything for you and actually hides the files so you do not have to bother with them. This leaves you with a clean interface that allows you to more fully enjoy your audiobook experience. Other audiobook players force users to keep track of files in order to not lose their place while listening.

The Ambling BookPlayer incorporates a feature that can retrieve your play history. This allows the player to keep track of your place and you will never find yourself painstakingly searching through files to find where you left off listening. Best of all, there is a Lite version of the best audiobook app that can act as a free Mp3 player for your audiobooks.


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