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Never Lose Your Place Again!

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The play history feature assures that you will never deal with the frustration of losing your place in an audiobook, and then have to painstakingly search through the audiobook trying to find your place again.

Automatic Play History Tracking

The Ambling BookPlayer Personal and Pro editions automatically track and record the last 100 locations in the audiobook where you have started or stopped listening. The Ambling BookPlayer Lite edition automatically tracks and records the last 5 locations in the audiobook where you have started or stopped listening. The date and time when you were listening as well as your position in the book and chapter are saved in the history.

The play history is tracked separately for each of your audiobooks.

A history button allows you to see the entire play history ordered by the date and time when you were listening, and you can jump directly to any previous listening position.

Undo and Redo

Undo and redo buttons allow you to quickly move back and forth between previous locations where you were listening. With a single button press you can always go back to your previous location.


The time navigation features makes it very convenient to jump back and re-listen to a favorite or important section a second time, or to quickly go back to replay parts of the audiobook that you missed because of a distraction while you were listening.

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