Tour of Ambling Book Player: Step 1

Time Based Navigation

One touch buttons are available to jump backward 15 seconds or 1 minute or jump forward 15 seconds or 1 minute from the current listening position.

It is very simple to jump back and re-listen to recent parts of the audiobook, or to skip forward in the audiobook, while still knowing with accuracy where you are relative to your previous listening position.

Bookmarks with Notes

The Ambling BookPlayer Pro edition allows you to create your own bookmark locations and add your personal notes about the book marked content. A button allows you to see a list of all your book marked locations with your notes, and go directly to any of these locations.

Series Based Library Organization

The Ambling BookPlayer Pro edition presents the list of books in the library with the books collapsed by series. When you the select the series name the player then shows you all the books in that series presented in the proper series sequence (not alphabetically).

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The player supports book lists that are a hierarchy of series for cases where a series contains another series of books. This can be nested as deeply as needed. One example of this is the Middle Earth books which include The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Ring is itself a trilogy. A second example is the Bible which includes the Old Testament and the New Testament, where each of these is composed of many additional books.

All editions of the Ambling BookPlayer support listing your audiobooks alphabetically. You see an audiobook list rather than an audio file list, as is often presented by other media players. An audiobook list presents a better organized view of your audiobook library than a list of all the audio files, especially when some audiobooks consist of many audio files.

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