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Easily Download Audiobooks From the Internet

All editions of the Ambling BookPlayer support downloading and playing both free and purchased audiobooks from the internet by simply clicking on the audiobook name.

You just select the audiobook you want to listen to and the Ambling BookPlayer takes care of all the rest. It makes it easy to both get audiobooks and listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere.

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Some of the features which make the Ambling BookPlayer so easy and simple to use require extra information about the book, including chapter names, chapter locations, audio files details, and series information. This information is all provided for you automatically when you download books from the internet.

Audio File Download Manager

All versions of the Ambling BookPlayer allow you to see detailed progress information about the state of your audiobook downloads. Audio files can be very large, and the Ambling BookPlayer allows you to specify whether it should download audio files over phone data networks, or only over Wi-Fi networks.

For Wi-Fi network downloads, the player will automatically stop and restart downloading when your mobile phone connects and disconnects from Wi-Fi networks.

The player also automatically supports resuming the download of audio files that have been previously partially downloaded.

Play Your Audiobooks

The Ambling BookPlayer Personal and Pro editions allow you to easily add the audio files for audiobooks that you already own and organize them into an seamless audiobook. The Ambling BookPlayer Personal and Pro editions also let you enter the chapter title information for audiobooks that you already own.

The Ambling BookPlayer Pro edition lets you create and save, as well as read, book description files that contain all of the audio file and chapter information for your audiobooks.

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