Tour of Ambling Book Player: Step 3

Specialized Audiobook Player

The Ambling BookPlayer is a specialized audiobook player designed to make audiobook listening easy, frustration-free and uncomplicated for everyone. The player does this using a combination of unique features described below to enhance your audiobook listening experience.

The Ambling BookPlayer runs on mobile phones as well as media player devices. It is now available through the Android Market for all Google Android devices and mobile phones. Support for additional mobile phones and media player devices is coming soon.

Seamless Audiobooks

The Ambling BookPlayer makes audiobooks become seamless. Its automatic audio file handling feature does this by hiding all the individual audio files that make up the audiobook so that you never have to deal with the audio files.

You never have to remember which audio file you were last listening to in an audiobook. The Ambling BookPlayer does it for you.

Automatic Audio File Handling

The Ambling BookPlayer handles all the details of audio file download, organization, and sequencing. You never have to know about or deal with the audio files directly. The audiobook may consist of a single audio file or hundreds of audio files.

audiobook player controls image

Regardless of the size or number of audio files, the Ambling BookPlayer hides all the details of audio file management, so that you never have to deal with or even know about the individual audio files that make up the audiobook.

Chapter Based Navigation

Audiobook player chapter list

The player presents an audiobook as a sequence of chapters. You can jump directly to any chapter in the book. Chapter positions do not need to have any direct relationship with the audio files. Multiple chapters per audio file are supported, as well as chapters which span audio files, or any combination of these.

Buttons are available to jump to the next chapter or return to the previous chapter, as well as a button that allows you to view a list of all chapters with full titles, and jump directly to any chapter.

A book progress slider bar and a chapter progress slider bar show you at all times where you are in the book and in the chapter. Either one of these slider bars can be used to change positions in the audiobook.

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