Best Audibook App For Andriod Devices

The Ambling BookPlayer has been designed so Android users can achieve a whole new level of experience while listening to audio books. We consider this player to be the best audiobook app for Android because it was invented with the listener in mind. This Android audible app allows the listener to download free audible ebooks in a wide variety of formats and also enables the listener to choose from their own book library.

The Ambling BookPlayer is a powerful audible Android app which allows users to move seamlessly through their audio books without having to worry about navigating their way through confusing audio file lists or confusing menus. The Ambling audiobooks app hides the files and presents them in user-friendly chapters, in much the same way that they would appear in a printed book.

The Best Android Audiobook App, hands down!

We know that this is the best audiobook app available because this book player app was designed from the ground up to play audio books as effortlessly as possible. Many mp3 apps and other players are not designed with audiobook listeners in mind.

If you have tried other Android audiobook player apps and have been left unsatisfied, then we suggest downloading our Lite version for free. Once you have experienced the difference, you may want to upgrade to one of two paid versions that are also available. These versions add even more features to the best audiobook app on the marketplace.

The Ambling BookPlayer app allows users to see their book in a clean and contextual format. It clears away all of the audio files and presents them as seamless chapters. This uncluttered interface is a pleasure to use and is loaded with other convenient features.

Try our new Audiobook players today and see for yourself why they're the best audiobook player apps on the market!

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