How To Download The Audiobook Player App For Android

The Ambling BookPlayer is the easiest, most convenient audiobook player available for Android devices. In just seconds you can be listening to hot, new bestsellers or timeless classics - right on the Android mobile device of your choice. Whether you own a Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Kyocera, Motorola, LG or HTC, here's how to download the audiobook player app for Android in three easy steps:

Start off by visiting, the Amazon App Store for Android or Google Play to determine which audiobook player app for Android download best suits your needs. We currently offer three excellent audiobook player for Android download options:

Ambling BookPlayer Lite v2.13: Our free Lite app plays all audiobooks and allows you to download new audiobook titles. This app also offers automatic bookmarking, multiple skins and make chapter navigation a snap.

Ambling BookPlayer Personal v2.13: Need an app with a bit more horsepower? Our Personal app gives you the automatic play history of each audiobook. Start, stop and jump positions are created for every audiobook. You can even load your content straight from an SD card.

Ambling BookPlayer Pro v2.13: Our Pro app for avid bibliophiles provides the greatest number of features. BookPlayer Pro includes the same options as our Lite and Personal versions but also offers incredible library functions, series management, bookmarks with both text and audio notes, and even a sleep timer.

After selecting your preferred application, simply click the “download” button. When the Ambling BookPlayer is loaded on your Android device, follow all prompts to install the file. Once completed, you can begin downloading and enjoying your favorite audiobooks.


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