Free Audiobook & Game Apps for Android

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite book on the subway ride home from work or you're enrolled in classes, you'll find free Android apps that enable hands-free book listening n matter where you are. Although many smartphone and tablet owners think of Android games when it comes to comes to the app market, but there's more available than that. Ambling BookPlaye is just one example of a high-quality app for your Galaxy S III or Nexus 10, but it's far from the only one.

You can increase productivity, connect with family members or coworkers and connect your devices at home and work when you get free Android apps. There truly is an app for everything, and while every app isn't perfect for every user, you'll find more than enough useful apps without paying a cent.

With markets from both Google and Amazon promising the best that developers have to offer, it's often difficult to find apps like audiobook apps without become distracted by others that are available, which is both a positive and negative of free apps on Android.

Whether you're looking for Android phone apps games for your tablet or an audio book app that will work on both, plenty of options are available to you. You could even enjoy a classic novel or short story as you play your favorite game, check stock quotes or update your Facebook status, which is the wonder of today's mobile devices. If you're without an Internet connection, then the books and content you already have can keep you plenty busy for hours.


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