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If you enjoy listening to music on your Apple device, here's another leisure activity you may want to consider: listening to books with an audiobook player for iOS. Downloading an audio player for iOS will give you a fast, convenient and affordable way to discover the books you love.

Whether you're captivated by best-selling fiction, timeless classics, compelling biographies or popular nonfiction, thousands of free and inexpensive titles written by your favorite authors are available for download in seconds.

Audiobooks are the perfect choice for most any lifestyle. Sit back and relax while you take in stories narrated by authors like Stephen King and Frank McCourt or acclaimed actors including Sissy Spacek, Stanley Tucci and Tim Curry.

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Just as music players for iOS allow you listen to your favorite songs, audiobook players allow you to enjoy novels, poetry and short stories just by downloading an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad audiobook player. With thousands of iOS audiobook choices available, you’ll be able to easily find your favorite books on iTunes. Download books as online audio files, save them to your Apple device and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off, create notes and easily navigate back to sections you may want to hear again and again.

There’s no reason to carry around heavy hardcover or paperback books when you can quickly download audiobook files to the Apple device of your choice. Close your eyes and be transported to a different place and time during your daily commute, while traveling for business or unwinding at home. Soon you’ll be asking family and friends, “Listen to any good books lately?”


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