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When you are looking for free audio books for iPad, visit Ambling Books to choose from thousands of free iPad audiobooks. The Ambling Books library makes it easy to browse audiobooks. With the Ambling Books iPad app, downloading audiobooks is simple and affordable. You can play sample clips and read reviews about the book and the narrator before you download the file.

Organize your iPad Audio Books with Ambling BookPlayer

Build and manage your iPad audio books using the free Ambling BookPlayer iPad app. The Ambling BookPlayer is an iPad audiobook app that lets you download, organize and manage audiobooks. With the Ambling BookPlayer, you can select from thousands of free audio books iPad compatible. The Ambling BookPlayer will quickly become one of your favorite audiobook apps.

The Ambling BookPlayer stores each audiobook in an easily accessible format, presenting each of your audio books for iPad as a sequence of chapters. The play history feature will remember exactly where you left off so that you will never again have to experience the frustration of losing your place in an audiobook.

If you come across an especially memorable section of your audiobook, the Ambling BookPlayer lets you create a bookmark. The bookmarks and any notes that you write about the content are stored in an easily searchable list, allowing you to return to your favorite parts of the audiobook quickly and easily.

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