Free iPad Audiobooks App

The Ambling BookPlayer is a free iPad audiobooks app that creates a convenient system for downloading and organizing your audiobooks. This new app will organize your audiobooks by chapter, just as if you were reading an actual book. Although the books will be downloaded as a series of audio files, the Ambling BookPlayer will hide the details of these files, preventing interruptions while you experience the audible enjoyment of listening to a narrator read your favorite books.

When you are looking for a free audiobook app for your iPad, consider choosing Ambling BookPlayer to handle your audiobook library. The free audiobook app will also remember where you left off so that you will never have to be frustrated by losing your place in an audiobook.

With the new app for iPad, you also have the option to create bookmarks so that you can instantly return to a specific section of the audiobook.

With the Ambling BookPlayer, you can use the simple navigation features to quickly jump forward or backward so that you can re-listen to a section that you missed or skip ahead to find your current location in the audiobook. These features makes it easy for you to listen to your audiobooks wherever you are.


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