How To Download The Audiobook Player App for iPad

The Ambling BookPlayer is an audiobook player app for iPad. It provides a convenient system for downloading and managing your audiobooks. The Ambling BookPlayer features an intelligent bookmark history system which lets you quickly and easily return to any of your previous listening positions. You can also add bookmarks and notes so that you can access memorable parts of your audiobook in an instant.

Here's how to Download the Audiobook Player App for iPad in a few easy steps!

Downloading the Ambling BookPlayer audiobook reader app for iPad is simple. From your iPad, visit and click on the Download button. You can also download the Ambling BookPlayer from iTunes.

Once you download the Ambling BookPlayer iPad audiobook player app, you will be ready to download mp3 audio books to your iPad. You can load your personal audiobooks into the Ambling BookPlayer, or find new audiobooks to purchase. With the Ambling BookPlayer, your audiobooks will be clearly organized into an easily searchable list.

Listening to books on the audiobook player app for iPad is easy. You simply select the book that you want and the mp3 audiobook download will begin automatically. Once the mp3 audiobook download is complete, you can immediately begin listening to your audiobook.


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