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Have you ever wondered how to get audiobooks on iPhone? If you have been considering listening to audiobooks on iPhone instead of reading them, and want to download cheap and free audio books for iPhone, you’re going to need to find an iPhone audio app like the Ambling BookPlayer. With this powerful new iPhone audiobook app you will be able to download a variety of inexpensive and free audiobooks for iPhone as well as listen to most any ogg, mp4, wav, wma*, 3gp, m4a. and mp3 audio files.

After you have downloaded your audiobook player software comes the fun part: downloading your favorite book titles. Listen to gripping fiction, compelling nonfiction, heartfelt poetry and powerful drama. You can also listen to books loaded from an SD card. Listening to audio books on iPhone is now cheap, easy and fun.

Think audiobooks are expensive? Think again. Thousands of inexpensive audiobooks for iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as a ton of free audiobooks are readily available. With an iPhone audiobook player like the Ambling BookPlayer, you will never again be lacking for a good story.

Who should consider downloading an iPhone audio book player? Anyone who has caught themselves thinking “I love books but never have time to read.” Whether you're relaxing at home, driving long distances and need to pass the time, or traveling for work, an audiobook playing app like the Ambling BookPlayer gives you flexibility and convenience, letting you listen to your favorite titles wherever you carry your iPhone.

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