Free iPhone Audiobooks App

The Ambling BookPlayer is a free audiobooks app for iPhone that is designed to simplify the experience of listening to an audiobook. This new app for the iPhone handles audiobooks seamlessly, making it easy for listeners to download, organize and sequence audiobooks. The file management system is hidden so that you never worry that your listening will be interrupted. The player displays each audiobook as a series of chapters, allowing you to navigate quickly to any chapter in the book.

This convenient and free iPhone audiobooks app will change the way you listen to audiobooks. With the Ambling BookPlayer's convenient play history feature, you will never have to deal with the hassle of losing your place in an audiobook again.

This new app also gives you the ability to create bookmarks and add notes to highlight memorable parts of the audiobook. You can quickly view a list of your bookmarked locations and notes, making it quick and easy to review your favorite sections of the audiobook.

Make Ambling BookPlayer the next free audiobook app you download to your iPhone. Many audiobook lovers find the free iPhone audiobooks app to be more convenient than the app offered by Audible. The Ambling BookPlayer makes it possible for you to listen to your audiobooks wherever you are.


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