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Listening to an audible book is often more convenient and easier than reading it. After all, you can’t read a book while you’re running on a treadmill or gardening in your lawn. But with audio apps for iPod, you can listen to any book you want whenever you want. While you’re riding the train to work, working out at the gym or cleaning your house, use the new app to turn your iPod into an audiobook player that’s portable and convenient.

And you aren’t limited to a few select titles. Free audio books for iPod give you access to all the new and classic books on the market. Be the first one in your neighborhood to read your favorite author’s new releases. Listen to motivational manuals from the world’s best gurus. Catch up on all the classics you’ve been meaning to read for years.

While you’re at it, use the free audiobook app to navigate any audible book just like you would navigate a handheld book. Bookmark your favorite quotes, make notes of all the inspirational thoughts you want to share with your blog readers and reread meaningful chapters whenever you want. Simply touch a button, and iPod audio books come to life in your hands.

With the audio books iPod app, get access to any book and read wherever the mood strikes. It’s an easy way to pass the time and nourish your passion for books whether you’re at home or on the go.

How To Download The Audio Book Player App For iPod Touch
Free iPod Audio Books App
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