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As a child, what were your favorite books? Maybe you enjoyed mysteries, fantasies or adventures. You probably didn’t enjoy those books as free audiobook downloads like those that are available today, but you might have been able to listen to audio books on record or tape after school, before bed and on the weekends.

Now, you're an adult with nieces and nephews, godchildren or kids of your own, and you want to share your favorite audiobooks library with the kids you love. You can do just that thanks to free downloadable audio books.

Getting free audiobooks online helps you provide great stories while saving money and these wonderful tales ignite imaginations and provide the kind of reading pleasure that takes you away. They also help with teaching literacy, comprehension and problem solving. Kids need these skills as they navigate class work, social situations and their future careers.

In today’s technological world, reading is easier than ever as kids access free MP3 audiobooks right through their computers or mobile apps. They can download free audiobooks and navigate classic and modern literature from all the great children’s authors. One touch of a button opens your free audio book, changes the page or bookmarks their spot if they need to take a break and finish homework, eat dinner or go to bed.

Improve the lives of the children you love with a free audiobook library. Open their eyes to wonderful literature, improve their academic performance and provide them with a pleasurable hobby. They simply need to download these free books and then chose and listen to on of their downloaded audiobook selections from among the greatest children’s authors both past and present.

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