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When was the last time you read a good book that captured your imagination, engaged your mind and gave you a break from reality? You’re so busy working and caring for others that you don’t have time to sit, read and get lost in the captivating plot and relatable characters. You need free LibriVox audio books for your Ambling Audiobook Player. They’re a collection of free audio books designed for book lovers, casual readers and everyone in between.

The LibriVox project works to record every available public domain book. That’s thousands and thousands of titles on everything from literature and history to politics and science. Take advantage of this extensive project when you listen to LibriVox free audio books on the Ambling Audio Book Player of your choice for Android, iPhone, Windows7 or Linux.

With access to all the great works of literature, listen to an exceptional book whenever you want. LibriVox Audiobooks are accessible from our Audiobooks website at Listen to an adventurous, intriguing or educational book as you travel for business or pleasure, clean your home or office and relax after a long day.

With the touch of a button, choose a book you want to listen to from the vast available library and then enjoy what you hear.

Are you too busy to read? Not anymore. Get caught up in all your favorite books when you listen to free LibriVox audio books. Escape reality, learn something new and exercise your imagination today.

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