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  1. Doesn't seem to handle long MP3s
  2. How do I get rid of the force close problem after upgrading from v1.04?
  3. "Account Settings > User Name" Prompt Spelling Issue
  4. Won't Recognize MP3
  5. problem with Bluetooth headset pause/play control
  6. Reorganizing Book Chapters
  7. Skips ahead when un-pausing
  8. Problem code 337 "no such table: bookmarks..."
  9. Cyrillic / Unicode support for ID3 tags?
  10. Question re Librivox content
  11. appalling responsiveness
  12. rapid cycling of play and pause
  13. Strange pausing?
  14. Downloads do not Complete
  15. Problem code 762 - No WAKE_LOCK permission or other permission errors
  16. Book Showing up as Music
  17. book title is being...
  18. Motorla Droid & Bluetooth Controls
  19. 38kbps MP3 plays at fast speed
  20. Saving settings
  21. Remote cotrol
  22. archos 5 tablet android 1.6 "donut"
  23. Problem adding new audio files to existing books
  24. Problem code 265 when you view the Preferences
  25. "Max Bluetooth Repeat Interval" lags
  26. Play starting when car connects to blue-tooth
  27. Pro version not working on HTC Incredible
  28. Downloading a book fails and adding a book from the SD card fails (using v1.19)
  29. Problem adding my audio file
  30. Resume from pause jumps to next file/chapter
  31. How should I tag my audiobooks for reading chapters?
  32. problems logging into ambling on my hero
  33. Player keeps displaying "File Not Downloaded Yet" message
  34. Froyo Bluetooth AVRCP Problem
  35. Bookplayer won't find wifi
  36. Player Randomly Pausing During Playback
  37. Notifications?
  38. Skip to beginning does not work on my EVO in Play mode
  39. Droid running 2.2 unable to download books
  40. Is there a screen shot description of all the screens and what the buttons do?
  41. After Phone update Library missing
  42. Moto Droid/Moto ROCR headset - behavior after upgrade.
  43. Force close error on droid
  44. Bluetooth Playback Slow & Jittery
  45. When might we expect a fix for not pausing during notifications and...
  46. Download never finishes
  47. Player does not resume where left off
  48. Automatic book naming
  49. Chapter numbering problem when adding chapters
  50. Random stopping of player since froyo
  51. Chapters out of Order
  52. Received authentication challenge is null
  53. Length (in hh:mm:ss) Never Greater the 1h 20 minutes for 4h+ audiobooks
  54. Pro Insta Close
  55. Downloading problem
  56. Ambling Book Player Pro v2.04 can't add books from SD card
  57. Playback "stutters" in a loop and won't stay in Pause or Play mode.
  58. Cant Add Books from Sd Card Pro Verision 2.04
  59. file not playable
  60. won't connect
  61. Gingerbread crashes
  62. Error adding book
  63. Facebook Spam From BookPlayer 2.0.7
  64. Problem on restart after pause or incoming email bleep
  65. Moving Database and Files on Windows Version
  66. Sleep random reset
  67. stuttering in froyo gtablet on nvidia
  68. ID3 tag problem
  69. Download completed with errors
  70. Profile problem with the forums
  71. Book End message in the middle of book.
  72. Problem with Asus eee pad TF101 running Honeycomb 3.1
  73. It's not possible to continue or skip on my Galaxy S2
  74. Problem adding multiple files to library with Pro v2.11
  75. Bookmarks issue with BookPlayer Pro v1.02 on Windows
  76. No Launch with Play Button
  77. Bluetooth controls
  78. Problems with Gingerbread
  79. purchased books not showing up in library.
  80. Unable to Return to SD Card
  81. Successfully downloaded book, but still shows not downloaded in player
  82. "Play Your Audiobooks" Feature for ipod touch... where is it?
  83. Progress bars seems to stuck