View Full Version : Notifications?

07-23-2010, 08:10 AM
Is there a way to turn off the notifications? With the wonderful widget I find little reason to have the widget up so I would like to disable it but I can't find an option. I like the idea of a notification while I'm listening to a book but when I'm not I would rather not have to do something special to clear that area.

Also, I'm believe there is a way to put buttons in the notification. I think it would be neat if the notification had the same buttons the widget has in-case I ever wanted to clear my home screen up.

Thank you for the great product!

08-07-2010, 10:57 AM
I checked to see if we could remove the notification bar icon while the Ambling BookPlayer is loaded and this would cause a problem with the player getting randomly shut down.

The Android has a resource management system which automatically closes applications which are not in the foreground to recover the resources that the application was using. A service such as the Ambling BookPlayer can continue to play audio or listen for a Bluetooth play command or wired headset play command while it is not in the foreground, but in in order to avoid being shut down by the Android system which closes non-foreground applications the background application must register to say that it is actively in use and does not want to get shut down. The Android resource management system requires that any background service which is preventing itself from being unloaded by the resource collector be visible in the notification bar so that the user is aware that the background service is running and so that the user has a consistent way to return to that background service to shut it down if they don't want it running.

If we stopped registering as an active background service then the notification icon would not show up, but the player would also randomly shut down when the resource collector decided it has been a while since it was last viewed in the foreground.

You are correct about the notification pull down list being able to show control buttons and we will look at adding this functionality in a future release.