View Full Version : Skip to beginning does not work on my EVO in Play mode

07-27-2010, 02:11 PM
I bought the Pro version yesterday and am currently using it to listen to a book downloaded from the local library Web site. It's an mp3.ab file that is broken up into just an introduction and one long chapter.

Both skip-to-the-end and skip-to-the-beginning buttons and the slider work fine in Pause Mode. However, while in Play mode, only the skip-to-the-end button works. Once you've clicked that in Play mode, neither the skip-to-beginning button nor the slider works. The slider jumps to the beginning, but it won't stay there; it jumps right back to the end. Pushing the Play button briefly shows the red Pause icon, but reverts immediately back to the green triangle Play button.

Also, once you've jumped to the end, none of the bookmarks work. The only way to play an earlier section is to exit and restart the app.

Frustrating bug(?) for an otherwise great app.

Please help. And thanks!

07-30-2010, 08:44 PM
I have found that most problems where playback has strange and unexpected behavior are a result of problems that the Android audio system has when playing audio files with some type of encoding error. The Android audio system does not deal well with encoding errors, and can have problems playing a file even though the same file appears to play fine other places.

Please try the following to see if it clears up your problems.

1) Read the audio file that has the problems into an audio editor such as GoldWave or Audacity
2) Without changing anything, just save the audio file out again. This will allow the editor to write out a clean copy of the file with no encoding problems.
3) Try playing the new copy of the file you saved on the Android

Please let me know if this resolves the problems you are having.

08-02-2010, 07:46 PM
I have been having problems with the controls and bookmarking function for bookplayer on my EVO. I thought it might be due to the custom ROM I used following root, but then I noticed some books played well while others did not. I just downloaded and installed Goldwave and am now converting a book which did not play well. I will let you know tomorrow whether that fixed the problem.

08-02-2010, 08:29 PM
Howard, thanks so much for the reply. I downloaded a trial of Goldwave. It doesn't recognize the .mp3.ab as a file type. (What IS that .ab, anyway?)

It did let me open the file from the All Files list. But it didn't give me the option to save it as a .mp3.ab, which it doesn't recognize as a supported file type. So I saved it as a .mp3 file.

Sad to say, it's exhibiting the exact same behavior as the original file.

I'm definitely a noob. This is my first book, which, as I said I downloaded from a local library.

I do like your pro player, though. And, since it has no chapters, I've learned to create bookmarks when I'm done with my a.m. walks, so I can start at the right place--or go back to a previous bookmark.

Thanks so much for your help.

08-03-2010, 05:04 AM
I completed my test, a 16 hour book with 331 sections averaging 3 minutes each. I used the batch feature of Goldwave to convert the mp3 files back to mp3 files. I noticed Goldwave did reset the duration of each file. The audiobook now plays perfectly and the controls and bookmarking work as they should. Thanks for the tip Howard. I will be keeping the pro player, it works well and allows me to stop carrying around my Cowon D2 (which is a stunningly good audiobook player if anyone needs a standalone device) as well as a cell phone.

jbsc - I turned off the feature in bookplayer that adds the .ab suffix to book files and kept them as mp3s. I do not know what the .ab suffic adds to the system but my files are fine without it.

It takes a while to convert a whole book with Goldwave but it does have the virtue of offering a batch mode of converting an entire folder at once rather than having to select each file.


08-05-2010, 12:46 AM
I am glad that everything is working correctly after you had GoldWave rewrite the audio files. The Ambling BookPlayer uses the core Android audio services to play the audio files, and the Android audio services do not seem to deal well with audio file encoding issues. The same file that appears to play fine on another platform may not play at all on the Android, or may exhibit very strange behavior regarding the current play position information while playing. Using an audio editor like GoldWave or Audacity to read and save the file again will correct any encoding errors in the file.

The .ab file extension is an option you can turn on or off in the preferences. This extension doesn't change the file type at all. If it was a .mp3 file then when the .ab is added the .mp3.ab file is still an mp3 file. The reason that the player offers the option to have it add the .ab on the end of the file name is so that music players won't find your audiobook files and mix the files in with your music when you are listening to music. It is very strange to be listening to random music tracks and then get random chapters of an audio book mixed in with the music. If you don't spend much time listening to music you probably haven't seen this problem, but users that split their listening time between music and audiobooks suggested that we add this feature so that their audiobook files don't interfere with their music listening.

The .ab is just short for "A"udio "B"ook.

I have not been able to reproduce the problems you are seeing on the EVO. I will continue to look for some way to reproduce these issues so that I can try to find the cause of the problems you are seeing.

08-06-2010, 10:07 AM
Thanks for the information Howard.

I was having an almost complete failure of the controls and bookmarking on several books yet they would work fine on others. Important note: these were all books that I had from external sources not Libravox! Once I ran them in batch mode through Goldwave they all played perfectly. I do not know the ins and outs of how android handles audio files, I will leave that to you but your suggestion of using Goldwave certainly fixed my issues. Also thank you for explaining the AB addition to the file names. I have been seeing my audio book tracks showing up during music searches and it was becoming irritating. I will turn the AB switch back on to segment them from my music.

I have one suggestion, You might wish to set up a forum thread that reproduces or links to useful discussions like this one where users can see explanations. this thread is labeled for the EVO and might be skipped over by people with other phones who could be helped by this information.

I am loving Ambling Bookplayer Pro now that I know to use Goldwave. Goldwave does require an extra step to convert the books but the batch mode makes it very easy and just runs in the background on my computer while it's converting. I tried all the other audio book players in Market and none of them offer the features in your app.

I have been using a stand alone product, the Cowon D2 for several years and while it is a terrific audio book player, your app allows me to carry just my cell phone and not two devices.