View Full Version : After Phone update Library missing

08-02-2010, 05:32 PM
Hi There, I have just updated my Hero, I backed up my device using sprite then restored the backup after the update but my library is missing, the files are on my SD card just not showing in the app (PRO). Is there anywar of rebuilding the library.

HTC Hero
Android 1.6
Bookplayer Pro v2.01

08-05-2010, 12:55 AM
It sounds like your backup program didn't backup the database files used by the Ambling BookPlayer.

If your audio files were downloaded from the internet using the Ambling BookPlayer then as long as they are in the same directory where the player originally put the files, you can just use the "Add Book From Internet" option and select to download the book again. The player will detect that all the audio files have already been downloaded and it won't redownload all the files.

If your audio files were ripped from CD or came from some other location and you copied them on the SD card, you will need to use the "Add Book from SD Card" option to reselect the files for your audiobook.

If you used the Pro edition feature to save out a book description file for the books you previously loaded from your SD card, then you can read that book description file to automatically load all the information you entered for that book into the player again.