View Full Version : Length (in hh:mm:ss) Never Greater the 1h 20 minutes for 4h+ audiobooks

10-06-2010, 11:31 AM
I have a couple of MP3 audiobooks that I created by using a virtual CD writer application for the Mac (M4P Converter). The original audiobooks are from Audible and came as two-part M4B files. Each of these M4B files is several hundred megabytes and each contain at least ten chapters. On my iPhone each of the M4B files show its full length (time) is well over four hours long. But the MP3 files show only to be 1h 20m long; however when that limit is reached the actual run time keeps going but the full length remains 1h 20m.

10-16-2010, 12:49 PM
I suspect that the audio files created by your m4p converter have encoding errors. The Android audio system does not deal well with audio file encoding errors, and the most common symptom of encoding errors are problems with the play position. This includes issues in reporting the correct play position, seeking to a play position, and reporting the play duration.

You can correct audio encoding errors by reading the audio files into an audio editor such as GoldWave or Audacity and then just saving out the audio files again without making any changes. When the audio editor writes out the file it will correct any encoding errors in the audio file.

Please try this with the audio files that you created and let me know if the problems with the play time and play position which you are seeing are resolved.