View Full Version : Playback "stutters" in a loop and won't stay in Pause or Play mode.

12-26-2010, 10:24 AM
My Ambling Book Personal software does this nearly daily, and it's driving me crazy. It's my favorite audiobook software, otherwise, but I may have to go to an alternate player if I can't get this to stop. The earbuds wire gets bumped and it starts the audio in a stutter mode. It plays a word, goes automatically into pause mode, back automatically into play mode, thereby repeating the phrase or word, back into pause mode, back into play mode, and so on. I cannot get it to stop. I try the pause, play, exit. Nothing works. I try the Advanced task killer app, kill it, and it still doesn't stop. I try other app killer apps, but they won't stop it either. The only thing that stops it is to turn off the phone. Even then, it keeps up until the phone (Motorola Droid) finally vibrates, and is off. What can I do? I've already uninstalled the app, then re-installed it. Same problem. A little help, anyone? Thanks so much!

12-28-2010, 02:00 AM
Another user which had a similar problem tracked the issue down to a hardware problem with the headphone jack on their phone. The headphone jack kept alternately signaling that the headphones had been plugged in and that the headphones had been disconnected.

If it is the headphone jack signal which is causing the player to cycle between pause and play mode you can change the player preference settings to stop playing and pausing based on the signal coming from the headphone jack. To do this press the MENU button and select Preferences from the menu. In the "Play Settings" section clear the checkmark next to the settings for "Headset Unplug Pause" and "Headset Connect Play".

Let me know if this eliminates the problem you are seeing.