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01-11-2010, 09:47 PM
Two people reported seeing problem code 337 today.

This problem occurs if you have the Ambling BookPlayer Lite edition v1.11 or the Ambling BookPlayer Personal edition v1.11 installed on your Android and then upgrade to the Ambling BookPlayer Pro edition v1.11. It will not occur if you upgrade to the Pro edition from an older version of the Ambling BookPlayer, or if you install the Pro edition without previously installing one of the other editions first.

The Pro edition has been released for a week now, but most of the people that did an upgrade to the Pro edition last week must have been upgrading from an older version, as no one had reported this issue until today.

We have now fixed the bug in the code that caused the bookmark table to not be created during the upgrade. We are also adding code when the player starts to detect if this database table was not created during the upgrade and and create the missing table.

We will release v1.12 with the fix for this problem within the next couple of days.

There are a number of different bookmark database tables used by the player. The bookmark table that is missing when this problem occurs is the one where the Pro edition stores the bookmarks you manually create. This the table where bookmarks are stored when you press the purple bookmark button. There are several other bookmarking systems in the Ambling BookPlayer and the other bookmarking systems which track your current play location and the play history bookmarks for each book will still function correctly even though the manual bookmark table is missing.

We apologize for the annoyance caused by the problem code report screen coming up when you go to the play control screen, and will release a new version with the fix as quickly as possible.

01-12-2010, 09:57 AM
This morning we released the Ambling BookPlayer Pro edition v1.12 which fixes this issue with the creation of the manual bookmark table. Please update to v1.12 to get the fix for this problem.