This is a brief summary of the player controls which you can use while listening to an audiobook.

The blue buttons, the book and chapter position sliders, and the chapter name list

You change the current listening position using the blue navigation buttons to move forward or backward by time or chapter. You can also change the current position by touching the chapter or book position bars.

If you touch the current chapter name the player will bring up the list of all the chapters in the book and you can then select any chapter go directly to that chapter.

Automatic bookmark history
The orange buttons

Use the orange buttons to undo (or redo) any change in your listening position. This allows you to jump back to previous listening positions so it is easy to find your previous place again after moving to another place. The player supports multiple levels of undo/redo to help prevent you from losing your place.

You can also view all the automatic bookmarks created by the player by selecting the orange clock button. This lets you view the book position and the date and time you were listening at that position for all the recent locations you have been listening at. You can immediately jump back to any of these previous positions by selecting it from the bookmark history list.

Favorite bookmarks
The purple buttons

Use the purple bookmark buttons to save bookmarks at your favorite locations. You can also include optional text or audio notes with the bookmarks.

There is a preference option to select whether your favorite bookmarks are sorted by the position in book or by the time when you created the bookmark.

Android MENU button
Press the Android MENU button and select EXIT if you are done listening and no longer want the player to respond to plugging in the headset or pressing Bluetooth play controls. You can also select other menu options such as "Library" or "Audiobook Summary" to go to other areas in the player.