New Features

Added code to cleanup the .nomedia file and thumbnail image files when the audio files for a book are being deleted from the SD card. If all the files in the directory are deleted then the player will now also remove the directory.

Changed the add new book from SD card add files list screen to default to having all the files in the directory marked. This allows the user to skip the step of marking the files before pressing the button to add the files to the new book.

Changed the dialogs that list features in the Personal or Pro editions to use the new white background screen design, font, and blue button, and to display the Ambling Books logo.

Added code to return the previous scroll position in the parent directory list when moving back up a level while browsing directories to select the files to add to a new book.

Moved the Pro edition option to import a book description file to its own menu entry. This removes the extra step of having to select whether the user wants to select files from the SD card or import a book description file each time they add a new book.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the BlueTooth media buttons were reverting to the default music player after another application temporarily took the audio focus.

Fixed a problem where sometimes when starting up, the player would go to the library screen instead of returning to the play controls for the current book.

If the last directory where a new book was added no longer exists the player will now start browsing at the first parent directory that exists.