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Thread: Progress bars seems to stuck

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    Default Progress bars seems to stuck

    When moving to the next chapter, the little dot on the progress bar does not move - it stays at the very beginnig of the bar. Even a manual skip does not help. The Player itself plays fine though. I can move the dot manually, so searching within a chapter works and after that the progress is shown correctly. As soon as the next chapter is reached, the progress stucks again and time freezes at "0:00".
    I de- and reinstalled, deleted all folders depending on the bookplayer, but my problem resists. I use the Ambling BookPlayer Pro, Version 2.13 on a HTC Desire / Cyanogen Mod 7.1.

    Thank you for a little hint!

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    If the progress bar is not moving that would indicate that the audio system is continually reporting the same current play position in the file.

    There are some bugs in the audio system on devices with certain versions of the Android OS. These bugs are related to seeking to the correct position in the audio file and correctly reporting the current position in the audio file. While attempting to correct one audio system bug, Google accidentally introduced a worse problem in the next Android release OS release. Additional details about the Android audio system bugs are available at

    If your Android device seems to be having problems related to seeking to the correct file position or reporting the correct file position, check to see if a newer update to the Android firmware is available for your device.

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